Release of ‘You Me?’

April 5, 2013

Following our first collaboration on Experienced Eyes, Sarah and I are delighted to release a followup single this week called You Me?.

We’ve got a lower paced 80’s electronica vibe going here (I hope!), with the drums programmed on the classic Roland R8, combined with a solid flanged bass line throughout the song.

The song also making use of a Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter along with multi-tap echo effects on the guitars.

The Roland R8 supplies a couple of other effects through the course of the song, pitched using the Roland R8’s own pitch function.

You have to be patient with this one – Sarah’s vocals don’t appear until 1:26 – just enjoy the guitar filtering effects up until then! When the vocals do come in they are deliberately sparse to leave you wanting more… There’s a little ‘vibe’ effect on Sarah’s voice at the end of certain lines too. And why not!

You Me? is available on iTunes to buy but you can also preview and listen to a lower quality version of it on Soundcloud.

We hope you enjoy it – if you do please share!


You Me? front cover artwork

You Me? front cover artwork

You Me? back cover artwork

You Me? back cover artwork


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