Release of ‘Lay It On The Line’

May 19, 2013

I’ve always preferred to be behind an instrument or digital audio workstation rather than a microphone. However Lay It On The Line sees me recording a duet with Sarah for the first time.

The music for LIOTL one came from one of a selection of compositions I wrote for a corporate promo. This composition wasn’t used for the promo in the end but I decided to use the chords as an idea for a song. I took the chords and penned some lyrics one afternoon along with a basic melody. I played the demo to Sarah and she offered to sing with me on it. I’d imagined she would sing it solo but she persuaded me to duet with her in the end.

Now I’m out of my comfort zone!

We decided to sing the same melody, albeit an octave apart as our voices seemed to compliment each other without resort to harmony. I also added a little orchestration to fill out the transitions a little and hopefully add some interest.

At 2:52 LIOTL is short in length but we hope it will form the basis of something a little more adventurous in a more elaborate version to follow!


LIOTL is available to buy on iTunes or you can listen to a low quality preview on Soundcloud.

All material copyright © 2013 Hudd Sounds.


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