WRC Wales!

November 16, 2010

Last weekend we traveled to Wales to see the final rounds of the WRC. We headed for the classic Fourways Crychan stage, which made use of both asphalt and gravel roads this year and is situated near the Epynt military ranges. At 25km in length this is one of the longest stages on the WRC and also perhaps one of the most grueling: wet slippery gravel and asphalt, pot holes and track-side ditches all add to the hazards to make it a real test for both driver and car. I decided to take the quattro to the event as it hadn’t seen a decent run for a couple of weeks and I thought it quite appropriate that the quattro, which so revolutionized rallying should show up here. The drive up was faultless and when we arrived we were clapped at one point by a small group of rally fans who looked like they’d been camping the night. Found a great parking spot in the middle of the viewpoints and made our way to the popular hairpin corner halfway round the stage. the crowds were pretty thin on the ground, perhaps due to the weather conditions that had prevailed the previous day. We had a trackside seat and here are some photos from the bend:

We went to every viewpoint along the way and also ‘explored’ the forest away from the usual spectator areas, which was much more exciting. The highlight was probably Petter Solberg in his Citroen C4, who finished 2nd place in the Wales Rally behind Loeb. Solberg runs the team as an independent outfit (as opposed to a works team) but may well find it difficult to raise funds for next season as getting enough private backing to keep a WRC team going is always going to be difficult. We wish him luck as he is such a superb and committed driver and a real bastion for the sport of rally driving.

Already looking forward to next years WRC…


The Aylesbury Three

March 2, 2010

Came face to face with these likely chaps down the local canal.  Beware, they are way too friendly.

Intense Black Lab

March 2, 2010

I came across this black lab when I was doing a recce for a film shoot recently.  Fantastic looking animal with all the right features and very photogenic.

I walked into my bathroom the other morning and what did I see gracing the toothbrush pot?  Luckily I’d already had my breakfast.