Once again we (dis)graced the stage at Swindon’s Rolleston Arms on 18th June for a two part set. for those of you into your footie you might recall this was the night England played Algeria. We setup the kit just in time for kick-off and I’d promised to bash my cymbals every time England scored: needless the say the cymbals remained silent… We went on at 9:30pmish to an understandably subdued crowd, their hopes dashed by the England teams woeful performance. We we tried to forget what had gone before and played our hearts out. Eventually the crowd loosened up somewhat and we thoroughly enjoyed both 45min sets. Half way through I ripped off the England flags I’d so lovingly applied to my drums in disgust at our national team. Pic below shows the kit beforehand. Quite possibly the world’s worst quality photo…


Another Thursday gig at Riffs Bar for us on the 20th May. We had a great time and sounded superb. Unfortunately the guy who was going to take photos of us didn’t turn up, so again no pro photos. However my biz partner Mark was there by way of his bike and he had camera. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

Saw the Smiths Indeed with my mate Gareth at Swindon’s Furnace on 1st May. I wasn’t lucky enough to see the Smiths the first time round and Morrisey’s gig at the Oasis was cancelled, but this is pretty much how I imagine it was like for those attendees at the original Smiths gigs. Great sounding and punchy guitar riffs, coupled with tight drums and singing that made you think the man himself was up on the Furnace stage. This was the last of the bands Meat Is Murder tour, and they played all the favorites and we all shut our eyes and swayed skywards, all clutching our own imaginary Gladioli….

Sleepyhouse Corner played at The Victoria, Swindon on April 16th was part of a promoter showcase featuring two other bands from the locale. My own publicity was bad on this one (I admit) but paled against the promoters own complete lack of publicity drive. And to cap it all, a charge of £3 on the door. Not many are going to pay this to see ‘new’ bands. Still we had a great time playing, even though the sound reflections on the stage made it sound terrible! Next up Riffs Bar…

No pic with this one I’m afraid.

Sleepyhouse Corner EP

March 8, 2010

Enjoyed and engineered a great recording session last week with my band Sleepyhouse Corner.  We’re looking to do more live sets now and have been wanting to produce an EP for a while now.  The four tracks were recorded at the studios live with vocal tracks added later.  I used one overhead on the kit plus a mic on kick drum, along with hyper-cardioids on the guitar and bass amps respectively.  We got a nice punchy sound with great feel I think.  all four tracks were recorded before lunchtime with the afternoon taken up with vocal recording, mixing and mastering.  We’d performed a gig a couple of days before at the Rolleston in Swindon as a warmup for the recording so there weren’t too many false starts.

The 'homely' live room!