This is the theme I composed in Logic Studio as part of the overall sound design Mark and I did at Dreambase Studios for a theme park ride called Hoverchase 4D. It’s a breakbeat style intended to keep the pace of the ride from beginning to end, and to complement the speed of the visuals and the multilayered sound effects in the ride.

Hoverchase 4D was produced by Lightworx Media and is distributed by The Juice. The trailer can be seen here.


At Dreambase Studios Mark Kenna and I have just completed sound design on what is probably one of the most exciting experiences to come out this year. Produced by Lightworx Media and distributed by The JuiceHover Chase 4D is an attraction ride experience that takes you on a hover bike race through city streets, oil refineries, forests, and caves. Participants in the ride not only experience 3D picture and 5.1 sound, but are also treated to moving seats, wind, smell, and water effects, amongst others.

The challenge for the soundtrack was to create a believable and powerful sound for the hover bike. You experience the ride from the point of view of one of the racers and so the sound of the hover bike had to react to every twist and turn during the 5 minute ride. The rise and fall of the engine was designed to compliment the speed and direction of the hover bike. In addition to this the other bikes in the race had to be sounded and directed as they moved on the screen in such a was as you really feel part of the action and excitement, not to mention the flyby’s, battles and explosions. Mark and I worked together over several weeks to create and mix the sound design for the attraction.

The atmospheres of each of the locations in the race were designed also to bring a sense of being there for the ride’s participants. I composed the underlying music score to help keep the pace of the ride throughout so that from start to finish the experience is one that you’ll never forget and one that you’ll want to come back for more.

The ride is now available for licensing from The Juice.