I recently completed sound design and mix at Dreambase Studios on a teaser for a new animated TV series called Elizabeth Avenue, created by Amanda Evans.

Produced by Martyn Niman of Elstree-based King Bee Entertainment, the series is based in a beautiful London street, lined with grand Victorian houses. It follows the adventures of a select pack of unpredictable, yet charming cats and dogs, each with their own distinctive characters, designed by Rafi Nizam and animated by King Bee Entertainment.

The big streets of London are bought to life through the antics of Lucy, Alfie, Ron, Reg and and a host of other characters as they go about their daily discoveries.

I sound designed and mixed the TV project, which includes music specially composed for the series by Barrington Pheloung.

Full details of the project can be seen by visiting the Elizabeth Avenue Site but for now here’s the teaser:


I recently completed original music and sound design for award winning director, David Hawk’s new film teaser trailer ‘Coffin Fit‘ at Dreambase Studios.

David’s brief was for the sound to be dark and menacing, with an air of mystery and uncertainty.

I made extensive use of the excellent Sculpture soft synth found in Logic 9. Combining wind type textures with a ring-modulator; random morphing of low and high frequency string sections along with some Gregorian choir type sounds on a Gsus4/D chord, I created a menacing and brooding bed. Over this I added some flicker effects to coincide with the text effects on the picture. We also used location recordings of the coffin lid used for the filming to get some hinge creaks and lid bangs. The ‘finale’ is punctuated by several layers of sound including a pig squeal and a human ‘ch’ sound. The title script is carved into the wood at the end of the piece and actual scraping of wood was recorded and carefully processed and timed to fit with both the strength and length of each letter scratch. The recording of the struggle from inside the coffin was also made during the shoot. If you’re wondering whether or not he escapes in the end, then you’ll just have to wait for the final movie to be released…

The incidental music appearing over the end credits continues with the same brooding bed, only this time accompanied by a lonely piano around a C11/Bb and C#maj7 chord pattern, which in conjunction with the aforementioned Gsus4/D creates an atmosphere of both mystery and unease.

On hearing the final soundmix David commented, ‘Thank you so much for this. You really made the work leap from my brain onto the screen’.

The teaser trailer has been released but the film has been put on hold for the time being whist David concentrates on another film project. My co-director and friend at Dreambase Studios, Mark Kenna shot the superb ‘Behind the Scenes’ making of the teaser trailer which can viewed here.

David Hawk has recently won awards for his excellent short film ‘Special Delivery’ and Mark and I look forward to working with him again on future projects.