Pub talk: my cars

December 31, 2010

You know when you’re up the pub of a night and the conversation inevitably turns to the subject of cars. It might be the latest car that’s been introduced (although I have to say modern cars seem to be much less interesting these days); perhaps a discussion on the types of cars certain people drive (car vs owner type). But possibly the most common car conversation starts when someone says, “so hows the motor then?”. You then launch into the latest happenings of your current car and of course comparisons with your previous cars will crop up from time to time.

Thinking about this I thought I’d list all the cars I’ve had the privilege of owning thus far, along with a little description. So here goes:

1. 1983/A Austin Maestro 1.3 – Blue

First car at 17. Great engine and a reasonable drive with good practicality. Dreadful construction quality (nice bit of industrial unrest at BL…)

2. 1989/F Peugeot 405 GLX Saloon – Metallic Grey

Bought with student loan at university. Great to drive and good quality too with plenty of toys (to go wrong…).

3. 1990/G Audi Coupe 2.0 – Metallic Blue

Hewn from granite. More of a tourer though. But surprisingly good if driven hard.

4. 1990/G BMW 325i Touring – Silver

Lovely silky-smooth engine and gearbox. Great build quality and sounded like a racing car. A bit wayward in the wet; nightmare in the snow.

5. 1997/R Peugeot 306 1.8 GLX – Metallic Blue

Great handling car (Lotus developed suspension/chassis) and surprisingly rapid. Nicely put together and a classic and practical design that hasn’t dated.

6. 1985/C Audi quattro – Red

Amazing handing and performance, apart from turbo-lag. Superbly built and comfortable.

7. 1995/M BMW 318iS Coupe – Red

Great to drive.

8. 1997/R Fiat Barchetta – Metallic Blue

Handled like a go-kart. Great whizzy engine and throaty exhaust. Soft-top a doddle to put down and up.

9. 2000/W Audi TT 225 – Silver

Amazing performance and surprisingly good handling when pushed. Fantastic quality construction, apart from the dash (repaired under warrantee by Audi).

10. 2005/55 BMW 320d Touring – Black

Very comfortable drive. Great handing. Quite poky. Amazing fuel economy. Practical. Great quality. Best all-round car? Debate…

11. 1989/F Audi quattro – Lago Blue

Very fast and smooth (no turbo lag now!); fantastic handling.

Other cars I’ve driven (but not owned):

Porsche Boxster 2.7not as fast as I thought it would be but very nice drive.

Maserati 222Emad turbo lag and violently quick – I so very nearly bought one!

Maserati Karifas 222E, but even madder – 0-60 in 4.8s!

Ford/Vauxhall/Peugeot/Nissan hire cars – some good, some anodyne. Best: Ford Focus; worst: Nissan Primera.